Blog Status Report (long & rambling)

Bear in mind: I’m trying out ideas here. This is a collection of ideas for future use rather than the coherent presentation of suggested page arrangment, language, and function. Also: this is the main page of the blog, not the “Construction News” category archive.

A “Construction News” banner graphic does appear on this page, though. It’s just a punt: I want the page banner content independent of the page <title> tag. Of course, I could do this with text, but I felt graphic today. Notice also that the content is now centered, and (if you notice such things) that all page main divs (“banner,” “content” and “links”) are now held by an uber-div, “frame.”

The items in all category archives are repeated 5 times. Try it. Click on “Construction Updates” in the “Entries by Category” section (on the right, down a bit), take a look and then come back here. This happens because I can’t get an extension to work, but I’m waiting for help with this. This is not right, and the blog will not behave like this when it’s released.

There’s also a new nav bar just under the banner. Most of the links don’t go anywhere, but it’s a navigation tool that we might consider using.

This current incarnation of the blog looks OK using Firebird 0.7, Netscape 7.1 and IE6, but who knows what it will look like under IE5x & others, or in Mac browsers. I’ll have to check. The colums might weird out in IE5x; if they do, it’s time for the box model hack.

Next jobs: 1.) Create full-text RSS feeds. 2.) Figure out how to make per-category templates, searches, etc.

Once these things are done, and we decide on looks, we’ll be ready for prime time. At least, we’ll be ready to run it by marketing.

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