Blog Migration Complete

The migration to the WordPress-supported blogs are now complete. All of our blog content has been transfered over with nothing lost. This was a fairly manageable move, but I hit the typical sort of migration issues. I accidentally messed up some of the php for the sidebar, so I wasted time fixing that.

I was worried that I’d lose most of the images that we posted over the years. Luckily, I backed up all of the images. I was able to upload them to a local server. Then I took the blog data and did a find and replace for the old img source to the new image location, and all of the images are still with the correct posts.

I had to go through update all of the user info. Then, I emailed each user with the new addresses for the blogs and their login info.

It looks like there will be some advantages to this move.

  1. The older version of MovableType that we were using was open to tons of blog spam. We hadn’t upgraded to newer versions for several reasons that I won’t delve into, but suffice it say, we will be happy to have comments. (Moderated comments.)
  2. We were using “zempt” as our blog editing software. This was a nice, simple interface for our non-tech-savvy users, but it required me to run around downloading this on machines. Now, we are totally Web-based. WordPress appears to be a simple enough interface.
  3. There appears to be more options for user types in this WordPress installation than what we had in the older version of MovableType.
  4. We have used this as an opportunity to update and simplify the look and feel of our site. Old Banner New Banner
  5. We also used this as an opportunity to route our RSS feeds through feedburner.
  6. Plus, we added a list of chicklets on to ease subscriptions in various readers.

This move really has nothing to do with dissatisfaction with MovableType as it does with more administrative concerns. Our blogs were formerly hosted by our regional library system (thanks MLS!), and now we have brought this to a server in-house. This has been our longterm goal. WordPress was the system that our campus IT selected, so here we are.

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