May 2019

Preserving Palos Fen and Enjoying the Nature Study Area

It’s summer, which means going out and taking walks, runs, or bike rides through nature.

After the college was founded and was building up the site it now sits a group got together to preserve Palos Fen, the nature preserve located across 107th. In the early 1970s, developers were wanting to purchase the area to build apartments called “The Oaks” and shopping. The Committee to Preserve Palos Fen worked hard to get the area declared a nature preserve so then the Cook County Forest Preserve would buy the land.

If you find yourself walking through the area this summer. Enjoy the rare plant species you may see in the area. Since the College Archives doesn’t have many photographs of the Palos Fen enjoy these photos of the Nature Study Area, including photos of the yearly controlled burn.

Copyright of the photographs are owned by Moraine Valley Community College. Do not use without permission.


March 2019

Analog to Digital: Saying Goodbye to the Card Catalog

Around 30 years ago in 1989, the Card Catalog stopped being updated in order to prepare for its eventual removal. In October 1991, the librarians honored the passing of the Card Catalog and full implementation of the Public Access Catalog (PAC). The PAC was a computerized way of looking up items in the library that was a precursor to the online catalog we have today.

 Here is presented the video of this funeral-like event.

“Pallbearers:” Marie D’Aversa, Diane Grund, Sylvia Jenkins, Nancy Hessler, Betsey Teo, Barb Rys, and Doreen O’Brien.

Margaret Lehner delivers the eulogy for the catalog.

Check out the physical exhibit in the Library Lounge that includes photos and documents of the Card Catalog being phased out of use.


January 2019

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Fine and Performing Arts Center!

Check out the physical exhibit celebrating the anniversary in the Library’s lounge. You can also view the Dedication ceremony in the video below.

For more information on what the Fine and Performing Arts Center is doing to celebrate and all of the events occurring at the FPAC this year visit their website:



December 2018

The MVCC Archives would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

To celebrate, here’s a look at the 30th Anniversary Holiday Party video from 1997.

Check out the physical holiday exhibit located in the Library Lounge for more holiday cheer.


October 2018

 October has come, which means it’s the Library’s Annual Pumpkin Contest! Let’s look back at Pumpkins of the Past