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Consumers Want Green Products, so that’s what they get

Last week I heard a noteworthy piece on the podcast of the PBS News Hour about the increased production of Green Products. They note that many, many, many companies are putting eco-friendly products on shelves…some of these companies represent well-known brands that have debatable track records from the past. Two concerns that this story brings up are the differing meanings of “green” and whether or not this recent trend is just another consumer trend that will die away. Here’s a link to the transcript and audio from the PBS story Environmental Demand Drives Eco-friendly Products: As public demand for eco-friendly products increases, businesses rush to fill the gap with “green” products touting a lower carbon footprint.

I also wanted to share this video from CBS’ Sunday morning. This hints at some of the complexities with being green. If you HAVE to buy a new car, get a hybrid. BUT, if you can find a used car with good gas mileage, then buy it so that we don’t have to produce a new car at all. Of course, it is always better to buy a bike.

Fast Draw: Hybrid Cars

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Hell and High Water, Living Green, and the Hot Topic

All of us in the library are gearing up for the fall semester. We are looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.

As we are getting ready, I wanted to send along links to these new books that have been added to the library collection.  We are adding tons of new resources, but these stood out for me. 

Click on the links to get the call number, and stop by the library to check them out.  If you need help, just ask one of the super cool MVCC librarians.

Another Reason to Justify Saying No to Plastic Bags

Karen McGinnis, Green Team member, forwarded on this presentation about the direct links of plastic bags and wildlife. It is heart breaking! I have witnessed it first hand with quite a variety of animals when I was in grad school in Florida. I researched sea turtle hatchlings and spent most of my days and nights on the beach. Too often we came across a dead animal that was strangled by a 6-pack ring or by a bag handle or ones that had plastic bags coming out of the mouth and even other end. Check out this presentation and share with others. It is a concrete reminder of why you should bring your own canvass bags to stores.

Chemical Free Protection Against Mosquitos

Are you worried about spending time out in the woods hiking or camping for hanging out in the yard at night because of those pesky mosquitoes? Because of climate change, we have seen shifts in where we find mosquito populations as well as the diseases they carry. You can go chemical free and avoid DEET by dressing from head to toe with lose clothing in light colors. And if you are really bothered by the bugs, you can even get a hat with a mosquito net to protect your head. Mosquitoes can easily bite through tight fitting clothes and are more attracted to dark colors. Wearing lighter colors will keep you cooler, which is great because mosquitoes love warmer bodies.