Monthly Archives: June 2009

Hohm and Sears Tower

A couple of news notes to pass along.

  • Microsoft has released a new Web site, Hohm, which is a free online tool for consumers to use to save energy. This allows consumers to compute their own energy usage and offers tips to save energy. You can get more info at this InformationWeek Article. I submitted my email to join the test of Hohm.
  • Here is an interesting Tribune article about the greening of the Sears Tower. They are considering adding wind turbines and solar panels along with other changes such as a hotel to the tallest building in North America.

Summer Reading…two short articles

It’s summer time, so we haven’t posted much to this blog.  Our on campus activites are sort of slow, as we are gearing up for the fall semester.  BUT, there are a couple of things to pass along.

  1.  Report: Climate Change Already Affecting U.S.This is a Washington Post article about a recent government study that says that climate change is happening now, and it is already having negative affects on our ecnomy and lives.
  2. The Elusive Green EconomyThis is an Atlantic article that compares our situation today to 1977.  In both cases, we come to a fork in the road where we can act to have a more stable energy future.  In 1977, we chose the dirty, coal-laden path.  Will we do the same today?