Month: March 2010

Turn Off Your Lights Saturday at 8:30pm for Earth Hour

Take a stand against climate change in a small way this coming Saturday by turning off your lights for one hour.  The concept of Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney Australia.  Within a year, people all over the world joined in.  Last year, over 4,000 cities and 88 countries represented.  Join in this year …

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The Bloom Box

Can a small fuel cell power your house? Major companies like Google, Ebay, Walmart, FedEx, and others are testing a new energy cell that might (maybe) change how we power our lives. Check out this 60 Minutes’ video, “The Bloom Box” to learn more. Watch CBS News Videos Online

Greening Through IT

Bill Tomlinson, author of Greening Through IT, discusses with the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Tech Therapists Audiocast the ways that technology can help and hinder sustainability efforts.Visit this link to listen: Episode 67: Going Green With Technology:

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