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Celebrate 40 Years of Earth Day w/ Moraine Valley

Moraine Valley Community College has an active Green Team that’s been in service since 2007. This year the Team decided to ramp up Earth Week in honor of 40 Years of Earth Day- April 22, 2010. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970 in which millions of Americans participated in random acts of sustainability all across the country!

Join us at Moraine Valley any day of the week April 19 through 24 toparticipate in an eco-friendly events. Each day there will be at least one free, fun and educational activity for students, staff, faculty and community members.  Check our website, for details.

Here’s an abbreviated sneak preview – Tree Campus USA Tour, Taste of Moraine, Green Cleaning Infomercial, Social Justice Lecture, Native Plant Walk & Learn, Free Cocoa Mulch & Green Living Workshops!!!

Call 708-974-5412, email or visit for more information.  See you there! 

Earth Week 2010 Poster, MVCC

Green Space helps you concentrate

This is an older article, from last summer of 2009. But it’s really cool and I thought it should be shared. I don’t know that we’re ready to install a living wall… What I really wanted to share is this idea that health of our minds and ability to concentrate is connected to the amount of green space to which we are exposed.

Read the whole article here: