Month: August 2011

The shareable future of cities

Video: Alex Steffen: The shareable future of cities: How can cities help save the future? Alex Steffen shows some cool neighborhood-based green projects that expand our access to things we want and need — while reducing the time we spend in cars.

Food labels, what do they really mean?

I sometimes find myself in the grocery store saying, “What the heck does cage-free mean, anyway?” And then, what does free-range, farm-raised, etc… I have a clue, but probably not 100% of the correct information. Well, now there’s a great resource for me to reference when I get confused. I thought I’d share it with …

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54.5 mpg by 2025

Friday of last week, President Obama announced a plan to make automobiles get a minimum of 54.5 mpg (I think the .5 is a little silly, but ok). Here’s an interesting article about what type of options manufacturers are looking at to meet this goal. This is great! But why not sooner? They have …

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