No Mention of Climate Change or Renewables on

After the inauguration of our 45th President, many changes were made to the including removing any information about climate change, LGBTQ issues, renewable energy and more. Feel free to search for yourself. What I did find is this – “An America First Energy Plan” that basically outlines intents to abolish the existing or proposed policies that actually …

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Dr. Jenkins Makes Statement on Climate Change Policy

Welcome to Spring 2017!! I thought it’d be good to start the semester off with some good news. So here you go!! Open Letter on Climate Action from over 230 Higher Education Leaders to Incoming Administration and Congress about Climate Policy Dr. Jenkins and Moraine Valley Community College, along with over 230 other Presidents and …

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Recycling… does it really happen?

The radio station WBEZ (91.5) has several feature shows that tell stories about current events and interesting topics. Personally, I like their story-telling style versus a bullet point fact sheet approach to news-telling. Curious City is one of my favorite shows (also podcasted). They take questions from listeners that are specific to curious and “mysterious” …

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MVCC Book Selling / Buying Website

Oh how I love to sell and buy used stuff. This got me thinking about our students selling and buying our books. I wondered how they could do this. Apparently, our awesome student trustee had this brilliant idea created: The more people that post, the more savings there will be for everyone. Buying a …

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