Climate Change Opinions

Just came across this tool from Yale, the Climate Opinions Maps- 2016, and its fascinating and disturbing at the same time. Something great about the United States is that we are free to express our thoughts and ideas without fear of persecution. However, that freedom also comes with a responsibility  to be informed, ask questions, …

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Have a Green- And Cheap- And Happy Halloween!

Boo! Happy Halloween! If you’re still working on your ideas for Halloween or want some ideas for next year, check out these sites to get you on the green-fright-train! Top 10 Ways to Go Green This Halloween – The Daily Green TheGreenGrok’s Top 10 Most Sustainable Halloween Costumes 25 Homemade Costumes from Recycled Materials Remember, …

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Film Blog from Library full of Eco-Flicks!

The Moraine Valley library has several themed blogs, which anyone can find them on its homepage. Of particular interest to me lately is the Film Blog series posted by Moraine Valley Librarian, Sarah Ando. Sarah has been reviewing several films on food, carbon & climate change. Check it out! Or if you’re interested in personal liberty …

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Food labels, what do they really mean?

I sometimes find myself in the grocery store saying, “What the heck does cage-free mean, anyway?” And then, what does free-range, farm-raised, etc… I have a clue, but probably not 100% of the correct information. Well, now there’s a great resource for me to reference when I get confused. I thought I’d share it with …

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