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More Room to the Pie. . . Living Life Beyond Slices (online video)

Friday, November 14th, 2014

The value of life is more than the sum total of things. Have you ever had an “aha moment”? Oprah calls the “aha moment” the connect-the-dot moment, “when everything suddenly—somehow changes.” Come with Jermaine Ford on a journey of discovering that “aha moment.” During this journey Jermaine discovered his inner voice and wrote his first book, “More Room to the Pie. . . Living Life Beyond Slices.” Hear how this book, scheduled to be released in 2015, changed his life forever. It might make you cry. It might make you laugh. It might even make you get up and shout hallelujah! Let’s journey together on the track called life to discover how writing this book changed his life forever. This talk is part of our TLC: Teaching & Learning Community Event.

“More Room to the Pie. . . Living Life Beyond Slices”

The audio of this event is available below:

Food For Fines Starts Monday November 17th

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Did you forget about that graphic novel you checked out back in September? Maybe you really liked that Walking Dead DVD and needed a few extra days to watch it? OR, maybe you just really needed to reread that Hemingway novel to really understand the depth of his sadness? If you did any of these things, then you may have racked up some fines. But, do not fear! You are in luck! Food for fines starts Monday, November 17th (and ends November 25th). Bring in one food item, and we will waive one fine.

Here’s the math: 1 food item = 1 fine.

We do not keep the food. We donate it to Elsie’s Food Pantry in Palos Hills. This is a nice way to help out folks who may need a bit of help as winter approaches.

ALSO, any fines that are paid during this time (leading up to Thanksgiving) will be donated to Elsie’s Food Pantry as well. So, if you don’t have a can of food handy to donate, you can still pay your fines and help out.

The fine print: This excludes fines for reserve items, textbooks, or processing fees. If you have fines from items that you have NOT returned…then you need to return them before you can give us a can of corn to waive your fines.

Historians Discuss the 100th Anniversary of WWI (Nov 11)

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Help us mark history!

How did the Great War Shape the 20th Century? A Faculty Panel Discussion 
Tuesday, November 11th, time TBA, Building L, Library Lounge 
We will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I with a discussion of the significance of this immense and horrific global conflict. Moraine Valley History faculty members will discuss the wide-reaching implications of the conflict in terms of life on the front, life on the home front, and the enduring wounds that continued long after the war.

Using Numbers to Understand Food Choices (Tomorrow, Nov 6)

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Our final STEM lecture is tomorrow:

Numbers Push Food and Drink Choices
Thursday, Nov. 6, 11 a.m. – noon, Building L, Library Lounge
Presenter Jeff Garza, principal at Garza Consulting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializes in sensometrics, connecting sensory perception, mathematics and statistical methods for both product development and quality control. Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics from the University of Nebraska, and a master’s degree in mathematical statistics from Texas Tech University.

Special Event: TLC Talks in the Library

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Join us tomorrow for our TLC event:

TLC: Teaching & Learning Community Event
Wednesday, November 5th, 11am – 1pm, Library Lounge, Building L
Join us as three presenters who are knowledgeable and passionate about intriguing subjects inspire us with ideas worth sharing. Event is free and open to all. Faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes. TLC is a collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Library.

James Baldwin & the Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexuality Featuring Dwight A. McBride

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Moraine Valley welcomed special guest Dwight A. McBride, Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Provost of Graduate Education at Northwestern University. Dean McBride is a world renowned scholar who specializes issues relating to race and sexual orientation issues. He is also an expert on the life and influence of James Baldwin. Students, staff, faculty and community members are invited to join us for this special lecture. This One Book, One College event is made possible by the Moraine Valley Democracy Commitment. Visit for more information.

James Baldwin & the Intersection of Race, Gender and Sexuality Featuring Dwight A. McBride

The audio of this event is available below:

Vote Early, Vote Often, Vote Pumpkin

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Voting for our annual pumpkin contest is underway! Stop by the library and vote for your favorite gourd.

We have some amazing entries this year establishing a benchmark for creativity, craft, and pumpkin-love that has not been seen in years! This will be one for the record books.

View photos of this year’s pumpkins here.

Library System Offline: Saturday, 10/25, 4 – 9pm

Friday, October 24th, 2014

system maintenance

Network Operations will be performing maintenance on Saturday, October 25th between the hours of 4 and 9 p.m. There will be a disruption of all library web services during this time frame.  This includes the catalog and subscription databases.

Network Operations will post an update on the portal when maintenance is complete.

Thank you.

Sexuality, Gender, and the Coming Out Process (online video)

Friday, October 24th, 2014

This panel discussion focuses on the pervading theme of Giovanni’s Room: Sexual Identity. Members of the LGBTQ community as well as LGBTQ Allies talk about sexual and gender identity, the coming out process, and how these things impact individuals and those around them. Panel members discuss the reality behind the protagonist’s struggle to understand his sexuality, deal with familial and societal pressure to conform, and accept who he is as a person. This event is part of the Library’s One Book program on James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room. It is organized by Moraine Valley’s Counseling Center.

Sexuality, Gender, and the Coming Out Process

The audio of this event is available below:

Education in Central America and the Child Migration Crisis (online video)

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Debra Gittler, founder and executive director of ConTextos, an educational NGO established in El Salvador and the U.S. explains how ConTextos, a social entrepreneurship initiative, improves education in the Northern Triangle Countries. ConTextos’ mission is to transform the educational experience so students go beyond rote, mechanical learning to develop authentic literacy skills such as deep-thinking, interpretation, analysis and creativity. She discusses children migrating from Central America in context of regional history and the importance of increasing investment to improve the quality of education in the countries of origin. The discussion includes current ConTextos initiatives, educational components, organizational structure of social entrepreneurship in a region that has low philanthropy and depends on traditional bilateral aid. This event is organized by MVCC’s Global and Diversity Education.

Education in Central America: Schooling as a Cause–and Solution–to the Child Migration Crisis

The audio of this event is available below: