MVCC Faculty and Staff Speak about Their Passions

Today, we had a practice for our upcoming TLC: Teaching and Learning Community Event which will be held November 7th in the Library. This event will feature 6 Moraine Valley faculty and staff members speaking about ideas about which they are passionate.  These are their ideas worth sharing. We hope you can attend

Here’s the schedule for November 7th:

11 a.m.

  • Tamara Coleman-Hill, “Why Integration Still Matters: Forced Bussing and Its Impact on My Life”
  • Dawn Wrobel, “A Hedgehog Guide to the Universe: Finding a Sense of Place within My Personal Geography”

12 p.m.

  • Glenn Carpenter, “Behind and Through the Lens: My Life as a College Photographer”
  • Stephenie Presseller, “Walking The Walk On A Long And Winding Road Towards Being Sustainably Yours”

1 p.m.

  • Sam Chen, “There and Back Again: My Journey from Teacher to Nursing Student and Back”
  • Sandra Beauchamp, “Naming My Ghosts and Taming My Myths: A Narrative of Adoption, Discovery, and Reunion”

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