Improving Energy Materials Using Quantum Physics and Machine Learning (video)

Materials are useful – they store energy for cell phones and electric cars, turn sunlight into electricity, and track your movements while you exercise. How do scientists understand and improve materials at the level of atoms? And what does machine learning and quantum physics have to do with all of this? Maria Chan, a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, will explain the state of the art of materials discovery and improvement. This event is part of our STEM lecture series.

Watch this talk here: Improving Energy Materials Using Quantum Physics and Machine Learning (MVCC login required off campus).

Life & Education in the Netherlands (video)

Dutch faculty members who are part of the CCID exchange partners discuss Dutch society and working in Dutch higher education.
Speaker Ingrid Koers is from Gorinchem, Netherlands which is about one hour outside of Amsterdam and teaches health care professionals at Da Vinci College in Dordrecht.
Speaker Herman Hofmeije is from Leusden, Netherlands which is about 40 minutes from Amsterdam. He teaches math and calculus at ROC Midden Nederland located in Utrecht.

Life & Education in the Netherlands

The audio of this discussion is available below:

Closeout Hispanic Heritage Month with Classical Music

Celebrate then end of National Hispanic Heritage Month with the beautiful diversity, warmth, and cultural richness of Latin America with inspiring works of classical music by Latin American composers. Click on the links to hear a brief selection of composers and performers  whose bodies of work are still being celebrated today.

1) Arturo Márquez: Danzon no. 2 -A modern Mexican classic inspired by a Cuban dance.

2) Tárrega, Francisco: Capricho árabe -Tárrega’s extremely popular Capricho árabe, was composed after a trip to Granada, and is dedicated to his friend and composer Tomás Bretón.

3) Carlos Chavez: Sinfonia india, “Symphony No. 2”- Chavez used tunes, rhythms, and instruments from indiginous Mexican cultures in his symphony.

4) Revueltas, Silvestre: Sensemaya– Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas used an eponymous poem by Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén as inspiration to depict a sacrifice in a traditional Afro-Cuban religious ceremony.

5) Rodrigo, Joaquín: Concierto de Aranjuez– Undoubtedly, the most famous and most acclaimed guitar concerto ever written.

6) Albéniz, Isaac: Suite española No. 1, Op. 47 – A recital favorite with an unforgettable opening.

To explore more pieces by these composers, select the Naxos Music Library icon that can be found on the Moraine Valley Library website. Find it under Research Tools, and then select, E-Books, Streaming Video, and Digital Media.

Me or We: A Panel Discussion on Heroes, the Social Contract & Our Responsibilities to Each Other

Joined by Psychology Professor Dr. Amy Williamson and Sociology Professor Dr. Jeffrey McCully we will consider questions such as: Do individuals have responsibilities to society? If so, what are they? If not, what is the role of individuals in a society? What responsibilities do heroes and leaders have to society? Are individuals becoming increasingly egocentric, and if so, what are the implications of this? What is the social contract that we hold with each other? This event is a collaboration between One Book One College and the Democracy Commitment.

Me or We: A Panel Discussion on Heroes, the Social Contract & Our Responsibilities to Each Other

The audio of this discussion is available below:

Infobase Databases Down

The following databases are currently are down on the Infobase platform:

  • World Religions
  • World Geography
  • Science Online
  • Today’s Science

In addition, Films media on Demand videos are working but they are loading slow.  An anticipated fix this issue is expected Monday, October 15th. An update will be made when these databases are restored. Please contact the reference desk if you have any questions:

Pumpkin Contest Looking Back: Pumpkins of the Past Exhibit

While you’re getting your pumpkins ready for the 2018 Pumpkin Contest take a break by viewing the Pumpkins of the Past exhibit brought to you by the College Archives.  These pumpkins are from 2003, 2007, 2016, and 2017.

Pumpkins of the Past

Don’t forget to check out the Pumpkin Contest Information page for contest information.

Voter Registration Drive, October 11th, 11am to 1pm

October 11th from 11-1pm
The Arab Student Union will host a voter registration table outside of the Library.
The students will encourage their peers to register to vote (online registration will be available) in an attempt to increase civic engagement in the community.