Bye, Bye Britain?

June 22nd, 2016
Junflage 23, 2016 is the day that the British will vote to remain in the European Union or withdraw from this organization.  The question on the ballot reads “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”  The polls indicate that the race will be close. The anti-union party, the Leave, insists that Britain’s economy will improve without the rules and regulations that the EU imposes on its members.  On the other side, the Remains believe that remaining in the EU will improve the economy.  The question of immigration also plays a crucial role in this referendum. Watch  CNN’s   The non-Brits guide to Brexit

After the results are announced, you may be curious to learn more about the European Union. This information can be found in the MVCC library.

Opting out of the European Union : diplomacy, sovereignty and European integration

The European Union : how does it work?

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Fall Events: Hamilton, Broadway, History, Elections

June 21st, 2016

Our One Book text, Hamilton: the Musical presents diverse themes to explore. Here’s our fall 2016 line up of events. We hope you will join us! All events are free and open to the public.

The Importance of Hamilton: Examining the History
Wednesday, September 7th, Noon-12:50 pm., Library Lounge, Building L
How does Hamilton the musical measure up to history? The musical won 11 Tony Awards (and a Pulitzer Prize) but how many awards does it get for historical accuracy? Who was Alexander Hamilton? How do historians view his legacy? This is part of our One Book, One College program on the musical Hamilton.

“Straight Outta Hamilton”: The Impact of the Musical Hamilton
Wednesday, September 21, 11 am-noon, Library Lounge, Building L
Hamilton: The Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda has been taking the country by storm. This panel will dive into the musical’s many themes such as the history, musical influences, and pop-cultural connections just to name a few. This panel will include an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and administrators. This is part of our One Book, One College program on the musical Hamilton.

The Broadway Musical: The Quintessential American Art Form
Thursday, October 13th, 11am, -12:15PM, Library Lounge, Building L
The Broadway Musical is an American invention that has moved across the world. With roots in the nineteenth century, the Broadway Musical fused together theater traditions, pop culture, pop music, and big production values into a new American standard. Faculty members Tommy Hensel and Craig Rosen will explore this art form’s roots and impact. This is part of our One Book, One College program on the musical Hamilton.

The 2016 Elections: A Faculty Panel Discussion
Tuesday, September 13th, 11am-12:15pm, Library Lounge, Building L
The 2016 election has been one for the history books. At the national level, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two of the most recognizable, controversial, and historic candidates in US history. At the local, state, and national level we face many challenges. Political Science faculty come together to discuss this historic election. Students will be able to register to vote before and after the discussion. This is part of our One Book, One College program on the musical Hamilton.

You Get What You Ask For: The Good and Bad Uses of Statistics
Thu, Oct 6th, 9:30am, 11am-12:15pm, Library Lounge, Building L
Each week a new poll about the 2016 elections comes out telling us who is ahead and who is behind. Each candidate promotes the polls that make them look best. Polls can be very useful, but most of us know that polls can be manipulated. Can we trust polls? Can we recognize the good and the bad? Faculty members from math and psychology look at how polls should be put together and how they can be biased. This is part of the One Book program on Hamilton.

Hamilton and the Use of Language: A Faculty Panel Discussion
Tuesday, October 11th, 11am-12:15pm, Library Lounge, Building L
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton is a musical and major Broadway production, but it is also a text of poetry and a country’s shared language. Miranda notes that Alexander Hamilton wrote in dense, elaborate prose, and that the musical’s use of rap and hip hop allowed Miranda (as a song writer) to pack layers of meaning into the musical. This panel discussion will explore lyrics and text of Hamilton as literature, writing, and poetry. This is part of our One Book, One College program on the musical Hamilton.

Hamilton the Musical Selected as One Book Text

June 20th, 2016

We are excited to announce that our 2016-2017 One Book, One College text is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning musical Hamilton. Visit our One Book website at:

Yes, you read that correctly! We are treating the cast recording of the musical as a “text.” This is something a little different from our normal One Book approach, but that is what we are doing. Hamilton offers an exciting and rich mashup that pulls together history, economics, theater, pop culture, and hip hop to just name a few areas that we will be exploring. We will also use the themes of politics and immigration to discuss the coming 2016 elections.

You can check out the CDs in the library or purchase them in the bookstore. Additionally, the album is available on Apple Music, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and other streaming services. You can also listen online here at Lin-Manuel Miranda’s genius site.

We hope you will join the conversation!



Library Podcast Now on Stitcher App

June 16th, 2016

The Library’s podcast is now available on the Stitcher website and app. Stitcher is a leading app for sharing podcasts on iPhones and Androids. As always, the Library podcast is available on iTunes or directly from the Library’s podcast page . The Library podcast started in 2006 includes audio from cultural events and interviews with faculty, visiting authors, and other guests. This podcast is intended to enhance the larger Moraine Valley curriculum.

Unflattening: A New Take On a Graphic Novel (and academic writing)

June 13th, 2016

As we are planning for our fall Graphic Novel Symposium, I thought it would cool to highlight some non-superhero graphic novels. Unflattening by Nick Sousanis is a unique take on philosophy and academic writing in the form of a comic book. Here’s the review from Harvard:

“Unflattening is an insurrection against the fixed viewpoint. Weaving together diverse ways of seeing drawunflatteningn from science, philosophy, art, literature, and mythology, it uses the collage-like capacity of comics to show that perception is always an active process of incorporating and reevaluating different vantage points. While its vibrant, constantly morphing images occasionally serve as illustrations of text, they more often connect in nonlinear fashion to other visual references throughout the book. They become allusions, allegories, and motifs, pitting realism against abstraction and making us aware that more meets the eye than is presented on the page.” (From Harvard University Press website)

Hollywood Comes to the South Side

June 8th, 2016


Many movies have been filmed in Chicago, but most of the locations have been downtown or on the North Side. Last summer, the South Side of Chicago was highlighted in “Not a Stranger,” a film written by Chicagoan Dennis Foley. One of the actors, James Russo, played the leading role and directed the film.  Help support a local writer and his attempt to bring a little bit of Hollywood to the Beverly neighborhood.
The film will premiere at the Beverly Art Center on June 10, 11 and 18 at 7:30 p.m.

Library Catalog Updated!

June 8th, 2016

outageThe catalog update has been completed.  Thanks!


The library will be performing some maintenance work on our discovery tool (i.e. the library catalog) on Thursday, June 9th from 8-10am.  If you need to search for books, DVDs, or other materials in the library’s physical collection, please use this tool instead:

If you need any assistance, please Ask a Librarian!

We will let you know when it is up and running again.  Thanks!


June 7th, 2016

“The eureka effect (also known as the aha! moment or eureka moment) refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.”  But the question most of us have is  how are good ideas generated?

Take a look at this short video and  it will help you understand how great ideas are born.

The Life & Legacy of Muhammad Ali

June 4th, 2016

Often known as simply “The Greatest,” Muhammad Ali passed away on Friday.  If the things that you’ve been reading and hearing about him have you curious to learn more, check out some of the illuminating titles in our collection.  You won’t regret it!

2015’s Blood Brothers: The Fatal Friendship between Muhammad Ali and Malcom X is a deep look at the complex relationship between the two men.

Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami is a DVD that follow the boxer’s career and looks at the forces that made him a very important cultural figure.

Can you imagine what it was like to stand in the ring, about to fight the man who floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee?  Hear from some of the men who did just that in Facing Ali: The Opposition Weighs In.

You know that a collection of essays titled The Best American Sports Writing of the Century is going to have coverage of the best American Sportsman of the century, right? The essays about Ali in this collection are must-reads.

Ali is a movie that covers 10 years of the champ’s life, from 1964 to 1974.


Argonne National Laboratory

June 1st, 2016


Looking for an interesting day trip this summer? There is a great place to visit and it is less than 10 miles from MVCC. Argonne National Laboratory is managed by the University of Chicago and has a history of being on the cutting edge of many scientific discoveries (including work on the Manhattan Project). The laboratory  offers guided tours of the facility. Visit this historical site and take time  to walk through the adjoining forests to visit the waterfall and remnants of the Chicago Park District nursery.  Also check out the view of the Des Plaines Valley.











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