Moraine Valley Graphic Novel Symposium features artists and writers

For the third year, the Moraine Valley Community College Library is hosting the Graphic Novel Symposium. This year, individuals in the comics business will discuss their work and creative process on Thursday, Sept. 29, in the Library on campus, 9000 W. College Pkwy, in Palos Hills.

Eisner Award winning creator, artist and writer Gene Ha will speak from 9:30 to 10GNSymposiumPostesrs:45 a.m. about the process behind his art and writing. The Chicago native has worked on books such as “Top 10,” “Top 10: The Forty-Niners,” the Batman graphic novel “Fortunate Son,” “The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix,” and on some well-known characters in the comics world including Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain America. His new, independent title “Mae” was released by Dark Horse Comics in June.

Award-winning journalist and artist Anne Elizabeth Moore will talk from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. about her graphic novel “Threadbare: Clothes, Sex and Trafficking,” which explores how the garment industry exploits workers. She uses comics to help her document the world. The Chicago native is the founding editor of the Best American Comics series and works with the Ladydrawers Comics Collective, a group that creates comics and texts about how gender, race, sexuality, and economics impact the comics industry, media and culture.

“These two are known to different audiences and demonstrate the diverse ways that the medium (comics) can be used to share ideas and tell stories,” said Dr. Troy Swanson, Moraine Valley teaching and learning librarian and professor and department chair of Library Services. “I am excited about the programming because each session shows off different aspects of comics and pop culture. They make a variety of connections to our curriculum and students.”

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Can’t afford Photoshop? No worries! GIMP is an alternative open-source solution. GIMP is free to download. You will not get a trial version, or partial version, but the entire program! Of GIMP’s features, it includes multiple brushes and advanced photo enhancement editing. In addition, GIMP can support all image file types including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG. Give it a try if you have the chance!

The download to GIMP is below:

Also here is a link to a MVCC Library E-Book about how to use GIMP:

Cosplay Event Thursday, September 29th 3pm

In conjunction with the Library’s Graphic Novel Symposium, the Moraine Valley Anime Club will organize a special Cosplay event on September 29th at 3p.m. in the U Building.

This event is intended to be a fun, community-building program that highlights the creativity and interests of Moraine Valley students. All students are welcome to participate. The rules for the event are listed here. 


Serious and Fun Career Information

capture-cjAre you sure or not-so-sure about your future career? The Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Outlook site has data and facts about occupations in the United States. If you want to be an accountant, you can find out about the future need for accountants and possible salary. Or, if you are thinking about being a nurse or a retail manager, you can find information about those careers.

If yocapture-hcu’re not sure about a career, you can do some browsing.

The BLS site has “You’re a What?” and “Interview with a …” features that highlight real people in real jobs. Here are some examples of jobs that may be new to you–

or may be very interesting to you–

capture-ccCloser to home, the MVCC library has books on general career information and books on specific career topics such as criminal justice, health care, and culinary arts.

ASL Version of ‘Hamilton’

Check our this American Sign Language Version of Hamilton by Sarah Tubert, the captain of the National Deaf Women’s Volleyball Team. She does a great job connecting to the energy and timing of the original. This was posted on Facebook and has since gone viral. You can see the entire performance here: Your World Will Never Be The Same After Watching This ASL Version of ‘Hamilton’.

Our college has a growing ASL program, and our library is happy to work with our ASL students as they complete assignments.


“Straight Outta Hamilton”: The Impact of the Musical Hamilton (video)

Hamilton: The Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda has been taking the country by storm. This panel explores the musical’s many themes such as the history, musical influences, and pop-cultural connections just to name a few. This panel included an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and administrators. This is part of our One Book, One College program on the musical Hamilton.

“Straight Outta Hamilton”: The Impact of the Musical Hamilton

The audio of this discussion is available below:

Facts, Please

The 2016 Presidential Election is less than two months away. If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to start fact checking what the candidates, their supporters, and detractors, are saying, especially if current headlines and tweets leave you skeptical.

The nonprofit, nonpartisan, a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, may be a good place to start. The Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact, run by editors and reporters from the independent Tampa Bay Times, “rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others who speak up in American politics,” may be another. (Punditfact, Politifact’s sister site, offers insight on the accuracy of statements made by those in the media and political analysts.)

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of political preferences, be wary of biased “fact check” web sites. And if you are interested in reading up on mass media, a simple search for media bias in the library catalog offers titles on media bias in presidential elections, partisan journalism, and more.

X-ray Crystallography: Shining a Light on Protein Structure (STEM Talk)

Proteins carry out many important cellular functions such as cellular signaling, molecular transport, and catalyzing metabolic reactions. The structure of a protein can often give useful insights into how it carries out its function. X-ray crystallography is a technique used by biologists to determine the atomic structure of proteins. Dr. David Neau describes the technique and show some examples of how a protein’s structure reveals insights into its function. David B. Neau, Ph.D. is Staff Scientist, Northeastern Collaborative Access Team, Dept. of Chemistry, Cornell University. This event is part of the STEM series.

X-ray crystallography: Shining a Light on Protein Structure

The audio of this discussion is available below:

Local Event! Entering the OASIS: A Look Into 2044


Check out this cool (and free) event just down the street at the Oak Lawn Public Library! This is part of their programming on the novel Ready Player One.

Entering the OASIS: A Look Into 2044
Sunday, September 18, 2016, 1:30pm at the Oak Lawn Public Library

Event Description: Ready Player One is set in the year 2044, and the world is an ugly place. People seek refuge in a virtual utopia world known as OASIS. What can we expect in 2044 regarding weather, technology and natural resources? Director Jim Deiters will lead a panel of experts in a discussion of what our future world might possibly look like.

Our special guests include:
Christopher W. Appelt
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Saint Xavier University

Dr. Molly Sturdevant
Associate Professor at Saint Xavier University in the Department of Philosophy – Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Dave LePoire
Environmental Systems Analyst and Software Engineer in Argonne National Laboratory’s Ecological Science & Environmental Risk Department