Radioactive band makes unusual music!

The last big rock group to come out of Sweden was ABBA. Sweden has recently introduced another musical group to the world, The Radioactive Orchestra. It is completely safe to go to a live concert because there is no radiation emitting from the band members – “just music that sounds like a techno-version of your science curriculum.” This new band is made up of Swedish scientists who produce music from nuclear isotopes.

Would anyone expect that an assortment of astonishing musical sounds exists beneath the periodic table?

Check it out.

Make your own radioactive music.


Political Cartoons

Political cartoons express opinions using pictures and words. During past presidential elections, political cartoons use to play an important role in evaluating candidates. However, times have changed, and print newspapers are no longer a major source of information for the average person. According to Pew Research Center, only 23% of Americans read print newspapers. Fortunately, political cartoons still play a role in the election process. Google “presidential cartoons 2012” and you will find over 100,000 hits on this subject.

Could your vote be swayed by a cartoon?

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Obama, Romney and Facebook

Will the 2012 election results hinge on social media? Facebook and Twitter are playing an increasing role in the 2012 presidential election. According to CNN, a recent survey finds 18% of social network users have blocked or defriended over political posts. David Talbot, a writer for Technology Review, calls Facebook “the real presidential swing state”. Will Facebook influence your vote?

CNN article

Obama’s Facebook Page

Romney’s Facebook Page



Glorious Food!

Oh, food, Wonderful food, Marvelous food, Glorious food!

These lyrics from the Broadway show Oliver could be the theme song for the food craze that is sweeping the country. Research has shown that young people are joining this foodie movement. Many college students are tuning into the Food Network channel and watching programs like Chopped, Iron Chef, or The Great Food Truck Race. Cookbooks can be found on best-seller lists and even summer camps are jumping on the food wagon by including cooking as a major camp activity. The movement toward interesting food and cooking healthy can also be found at MVCC. The college library has a great menu of cookbooks, DVDs and food magazines.

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