Perseverance and Hope when Facing Cancer

Today is a sad day, but also a celebration! Today is our colleague and friend LaWanda Burrell’s last day at Moraine Valley. She has worked in the Center for Teaching and Learning and has been a good partner with the library.

In honor of LaWanda’s last day, I wanted share this video of a talk that she did as part of our TLC: Teaching & Learning Community EventTLC event. In this very memorable discussion, LaWanda discusses her journey fighting cancer. We will miss LaWanda, but we are excited for her as she moves forward in her career.

Perseverance and Hope: The Words of My Life
Our experiences help to define who we are. LaWanda Burrell discusses how using perseverance and hope helped define her purpose in the eye of a life-altering storm. (Date of Presentation: February 16, 2012)

Disaster Relief and the American Red Cross

When disaster strikes, their volunteers are there to help! If you missed the Act Out Now volunteer fair, here is one of the featured speakers.

The American Red Cross and Disaster Relief featuring Jodie Lieffring
Regional Volunteer Coordinator for the American Red Cross, Jodie Lieffring, discusses distaster relief and the role of volunteers. This lecture was part of the Act Out Now Service learning event held in the Moraine Valley Community College Library. Visit

What is it like to be Young and Arab in America?

In April, we hosted an event organized by the Arab Student Union. Panelists discussed their experience as Arab-Americans.

Young and Arab in America: A Panel Discussion
he Arab Student Union hosted a student panel discussion in the library about being young, first generation Arab-Americans and the challenges of balancing their Arab culture while embracing their American identity. The students discussed topics such as culture, language, religion, and the diversity of Arab family practices and traditions. The event was hosted in the Moraine Valley Community College Library

Civil War Money and Depictions of Slavery

This is a unique conversation with faculty member Rick Aztlan. Mr. Aztlan collections 19th century currency. He shows us some of the pieces in his collection and examines the cultural meanings behind images on the currency.

Currency of the Civil War Era and Depictions of Slavery
Faculty member Rick Aztlan explores the role of institution of slavery in the US economy during the Civil War era through money. Mr. Aztlan will discuss bank notes used in the North and the South and how these notes depicted slaves and slavery. This view connects economics, imagery, culture, and race into a unique understanding of our past with implications for our present. This is part of the One Book, One College program: Tony Horwitz’s Confederates in the Attic.

What is the Hijab and what does it mean?

In March, we held hosted an event organized by the Muslim Student Association about the meaning of the Hijab. The students who participated were excellent. If you missed the event, it is worth watching!!

Uncovering Why We Cover: The Meaning of the Hijab
The Muslim Student Association presents a panel discussion about why Muslim women wear the Hijab. This event was held in the Moraine Valley Community College Library

The Black Experience and Malcolm X: Abdul Alkalimat

“That’s why I like libraries. What are they? They are our access to the past.” 

These were the words of  Abdul Alkalimat, who spoke at the Moraine Valley Library as part of our opening One Book event on the Autobiography of Malcalm X in 2007. Dr. Alkalimat discussed the importance of connecting with the idea of previous generations, even if these ideas are not taught in the classroom.

Dr. Alkalimat discussed Malcolm X and the Black experience. He set the tone for the One Book program from 2007-2008. The audio of this event is available below:

Anti-Slavery Societies Leading up to the Civil War

Faculty member Carey Millsap-Spears discusses the life of artist Sophia Peabody Hawthorne, wife of noted author Nathaniel Hawthorne. Sophia’s life offers us a glimpse into 19th century New England leading up to and through the US Civil War. Sophia’s life illustrates that sometimes a woman’s worst enemy is the idealized character of the Angel in the House who leaves her creative self behind. This is part of the One Book, One College program and Women’s History Month Celebration. This event was hosted by the Moraine Valley Community College Library.

Anti-Slavery Societies, Feminism, and Sophia Peabody Hawthorne featuring Carey Millsap-Spears

Was the South Doomed to Failure?

Was the Confederacy doomed to failure? Historian Jim McIntyre says, “yes,” and he intends to tell us why in this lecture on military strategy during the US Civil War. This event was hosted in the Moraine Valley Community College Library as part of the One Book, One College Program.

Grand Strategy North and South: Why the Confederates never had a Chance

Dance in the Library: Historical Perspectives of the Devil and the White City

In February (2012), we had a first for our library. We welcomed Thodos Dance Chicago. This included a discussion and dance focusing on the book the Devil in the White City. Here is a video from this unique event.

Thodos Dance Chicago: Historical Perspectives of the Devil and the White City
n preparation for their MVCC performance, the creative directors of Thodos Dance Chicago held a discussion on their process of adapting the novel the Devil and the White City to dance. This event was held in the Moraine Valley Community College Library.