Debating the Iraq War as We Started Bombing Baghdad

March 19th 2003
“Can War Be Just” Panel , March 19, 2003

Ten years ago, our library had scheduled a faculty panel discussion on the Just War Theory. For several months, President George W. Bush had been talking about a preemptive strike against Saddam Hussein . We decided that a discussion on the justification for war would be useful.   We didn’t know it, but we had inadvertently scheduled this panel on the exact day (March 19, 2003) that the US started bombing Baghdad.  Over 300 students packed into the library for this event. Our faculty members were great. Four years later (in 2007), we reconvened this panel for further discussion. I have pasted the link to the podcast from the 2007 event below.

Ten years later, there are still many questions about the Iraq War. This PBS News Hour article addressees some of these: Ten Years Later, What Lessons Can We Take From the Iraq War?

Our Library also has many sources about the war (click here “Iraq War” to view the sources in the library catalog).

Listen to Podcast: The Iraq War Four Years Later: A Panel Discussion Reconvened (Date of Event: March 6, 2007)
Description: Four years ago, on March 19, 2003, the Moraine Valley Library held a panel discussion about the just war theory. Through eerie coincidence, this event fell on the very day that the US started bombing Iraq. Now, four years later, this panel of experts reconvenes to talk about the last four years and the future. As in the book, 1984, war has become an ongoing part of life.

Faculty members Merri Fefles, Andrew Zbeeb, Bill Droel, and Deron Schreck
Merri Fefles, Andrew Zbeeb, Bill Droel, and Deron Schreck in 2003.

How about some Jazz on a snow day?

Since the campus is closing at 2pm and everyone is going to be stuck at home, how about some Jazz???

Take a look at this video from the library’s YouTube Channel featuring our college’s Jazz faculty:

The Roots of Jazz featuring Doug Bratt & members of the Moraine Valley Jazz Faculty
Moraine Valley Jazz Ensemble director Douglass Bratt and musicians present a musical performance and discussion chronicling the origin and evolution of jazz. This event is part of the One Book, One College program and the Black History Month Celebration. This event was supported by the MVCC Library, MVCC Liberal Arts, and MVCC Music Department.

Harry Mark Petrakis & the Greek-American Community

This past week, I came across the link to this blog post: Award Winning Author Harry Mark Petrakis Podcast (

This is a post that includes the online audio from 2009 when well known author Harry Mark Petrakis came to Moraine Valley to speak. Mr. Petrakis is a South-side original. He is one of our own writers, and it was great to welcome him to MVCC. He discusses his life, writing, and the Greek-American community in Chicagoland.

This visit in 2009 was a great event, and I thought it was worth reposting it.

Glenn Carpenter: My Life as a College Photographer

What is it like to witness history and, even more importantly, to be charged with recording it? Moraine Valley’s college photographer, Glenn Carpenter, tells us about the 22 years he has spent recording the visual history of the college and capturing the special moments that change lives. This event was part of our TLC: Teaching and Learning Community Event.

Behind and Through the Lens: My Life as a College Photographer

The audio of this event is available below:

Become a better Student… Person… in the Spring

Are you planning on attending one of these workshops from the Counseling and Career Development Center? If you want to learn more about any of these topics, check out some of these books from the library: 






Don’t Forget Online Video

We hope that our students, staff, and faculty are home enjoying the break. The library is closed until January 2nd, but don’t forget that our online tools never close. We offer many streaming videos. Visit our online catalog to see what we offer: Streaming Videos.

Here’s a video from our TLC event last spring:

Perseverance and Hope: The Words of My Life
Presentation Description: Our experiences help to define who we are. LaWanda Burrell discusses how using perseverance and hope helped define her purpose in the eye of a life-altering storm. (Date of Presentation: February 16, 2012)

Tamarra Coleman-Hill: Why Integration Still Matters

This is the first video from our fall TLC Event.

Why Integration Still Matters: Forced Bussing and Its Impact on My Life
Tamara Coleman-Hill
Drawing on an narrative essay in her collection of essays about growing up in a Southern California, Tamara Coleman-Hill focuses on her own experiences and how court-ordered, bussing helped shape her life.

The audio of this event is available below:

Reforming the Syrian Opposition

In October, the library held a discussion and film viewing about the crisis in Syria (see Discussion and Viewing of “Suffering Grasses” to watch the video of this event). Yesterday, NPR had a piece about a meeting intended to organize (or reorganize) the Syrian opposition. This is a useful followup to the discussion held in the library:

Syrian Opposition Movement Hampered By Fractures

On Thursday, there were talks in Qatar aimed at restructuring and reinforcing Syria’s opposition movement.

Monday, Nov 5 MLA Workshop from the Writing Center

We wanted to send out word about an upcoming workshop from the MVCC Writing Center. This workshop is called “Defeat the Obstacles of MLA Documentation.”

It will be held Monday, November 5th from noon-1pm in Building A, Room A251 (NOT the library).

To register, email or call 708-608-4216.