Look Up!

Did you know that you will be able to see Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, tonight? Head out to the Telescope Open Viewing at the G. Jack Bradley Observation Deck in the Nature Study Area to check it out! You should also be able to see the waxing crescent moon as it travels eastward, making these next couple of nights something to see! Interested in keeping up with the night sky? Check out a couple of resources here and here and you will always know when to look up and what to look out for!

Tribology featuring Kalyan Mutyala (STEM Lecture)

Great strides made in the last 50 years in tribology research helped us conserve energy more efficiently and effectively. Learn more about tribology, future direction of the research, and how it can yield three-fold benefit by improving energy conservation and systems performance, increasing the lifetime of the components, thereby reducing downtime, and replacing the use of oils and greases, thereby reducing hazardous waste and greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. This event is part of the STEM Lecture Series.

Tribology featuring Kalyan Mutyala (STEM Lecture)

The audio of this discussion is available below:

September 11, 2001

Today is the 17th anniversary of 9/11. “The September 11 assault were a series of four coordinated attacks by the terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States”.

The MVCC library is an excellent source of information for research on this subject.

You may also want to view our historical newspapers Chicago Tribune Historical  or The New York Times Historical to get a day by day report of this tragedy.

Twenty Years of Magic

It was twenty years ago this month that Americans first met Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore and He Who Must Not Be Named. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the six books that followed changed the worlds of children’s literature, fandom, pop culture and publishing in general. Harry Potter became a phenomenon with children suddenly eager to read 700 page books. It became acceptable for adults to enjoy children’s literature and a whole new culture of publishing emerged leading to more and more crossovers. Movies and theme parks appealing to this huge audience were sure to follow.

Harry Potter’s success happened at a time when internet use was exploding and fandom took off as a result. Suddenly, people had the means to interact with others all over the world who loved the books as much as they did. By talking and writing about Harry Potter, by making music and art related to Harry Potter, people were able to interact with the stories in ways they never had before. The careers of people like John and Hank Green, Cassandra Clare, and Darren Criss started in Harry Potter fandom online.

Twenty years later, we are still reading the books. New movies from the Harry Potter universe are still being released. People travel from around the globe to visit Harry Potter worlds. Quidditch is even played competitively on college campuses. The influence of the Boy Who Lived is unquestionable.

If you find yourself wanting to visit or revisit J.K Rowling’s stories, or delve into what has been written about them, you can find our collection of Harry Potter books, DVDs, ebooks, and audiobooks here.


Indeed, the time has come for MVCC students and staff to use their MV Connect information to gain access to the library’s databases. While a window will appear automatically asking for a sign-in, database users may find that logging into MV Connect at the onset might make the process smoother.

Just remember that you can always get help at the Reference/Information desk of the library in person, on the phone, in an email, or chat. Please refer to the library’s webpage and click on Ask a Librarian at the top of the page in the blue banner.The chat box is there as well as the phone number and the email address.


If you have been following my blogs, you know that when I tout a magazine, I am most often writing about a magazine in paper format! Today, we will look at the September, 2018, issue of Wired.

Found in the magazine racks in the coffee bar, Wired is an entire kaleidoscope of news with a look at some of the technological issues at risk, development, fiendishly or cleverly utilized.

  • Remember the worm, NotPetya, just about a year ago? It was the costliest bit of malware we have seen. Writer Andy Greenberg gives us a perspective from one company that suffered greatly, Maersk.
  • How about the situation in Puerto Rico after the hurricane? Who has been there all this time to help?
  • Technology is also helping to save lives in Syria. The civil war seems to be continuing and innocent lives are being lost.

While Wired is not found in any of our electronic databases, it is online. There may be some fees attached to getting all of the articles online, but lucky for us, we have the PAPER format.


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