Vice President of the United States (President of the Senate)

Vice President of the United States (President of the Senate) : Information on the VP from the Senate Web site, “Constitutional origins of and structural changes in the office, its duties, and biographies of all vice presidents. A note in Gerald Ford’s entry explains “the Twenty-fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1967, allowing for the appointment and confirmation of a new vice president” if a vacancy should occur.” (from Librarians Index to the Internet)

Ronald Reagan Information

Ronald Reagan Dead at 93: Provides an overview of the events in the life of former President Ronald Reagan, covering both his acting and political careers. Features several audio clips of Reagan’s speeches, including his denial of the arms-for-hostages deal with Iran and his acknowledgement of his “‘mistake’ in the Iran-Contra affair.” Includes a timeline, photos, and related links. Also includes an overview of funeral plans. From National Public Radio (NPR). (citation from

Reagan on site to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) American Experience “four-and-a-half hour documentary [that] examines [Ronald] Reagan’s life through the testimony of family, friends, historians, biographers, and other witnesses to Reagan’s privatelife and public career.” Features interviews, text of some of
Reagan’s speeches, video clips, book excerpts, photos, a timeline, a teacher’s guide, and more. (citation from

Reagan on News and information about the life of former President Ronald Reagan, who died in June 2004. The site features a biography of this “lifeguard, athlete, movie star, governor, [and] president”; a speech archive; photos; audio clips; and links to related information. From CNN. Note: Viewing video clips requires a fee. (citation from

MVCC Library Books on Reagan: These are books that can be checked out from the MVCC library.

The Columbia Granger’s Index to Poetry

The Columbia Granger’s Index to Poetry, familiarly called Granger’s, is an important resource to finding poems in anthologies. Our copy is the 2002 Granger’s (REF PN1022.H39). For the convenience of library patrons, the librarians have checked the list of books (anthologies) in the front of Granger’s and written in the call numbers of those anthologies that MVCC owns.

Barbecue’n on the Internet

Barbecue’n on the Internet: Tips and information for cooking outdoors over wood, charcoal, or gas. Whether cooking on grill, fire pit, water smoker, or other type of stove, you will find guides to cuts of meat, recipes, marinades, tools, starting the fire, proper temperatures for cooking, cleaning the grill, and plenty more. All offered with a light touch (such as a search feature labeled “‘Grill’ This Site”) appropriate to the holiday mood suggested by the term “bar-be-cue.”

Literacy and Health

A new study from the Educational Testing Service and the Harvard School of Public Health (links to the report appear in both pages) suggests “that literacy is one of the major factors linking health and education and contributes to existing disparities in health status, access to care and the quality of health care for many individuals.” Simply put, better literacy skills mean better health care.

From the ETS press release: “The most health-literate populations, comprising about half of adults, were those who are more well-to-do and have more than a high school education. They also report using the library; they vote and they tend to be healthier as a group” (emphasis mine).